Jember - A Short Escape For This Weekend

The name of Papuma is referring to Pantai Putih Malikan or white sandy beach. Those who are visiting Papuma beach will have a great time sun-bathing or walking over the white sandy path and enjoying the sunset, or just sinking your feet into the powder-soft sands.
Papuma Cape Coast is located in the district of Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember, East Java. Papuma beach is a very exotic beach compared to the existing beaches in East Java, because its beautiful and charming sea by having turquoise color tone ocean and a very fine white sand. Hence, it makes Papuma become affordable beach that can visited in East Java. The tourists, both from local and foreign will enjoy the experience in Papuma beach.

Besides its natural scenic beauty, Papuma is also rich of exotic animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others.

Furthermore, by visiting Papuma beach, the visitors can rent a boat to explore the ocean closer while enjoying the sun rise. The coral reef and the tropical forest around the beach will also enchanting the sightseeing after the Siti Hinggil and Goa Lawa.
Siti Hinggil is a coral rock with a height around 50 m above sea level. The visitors can see Papuma’s beach attraction from above. While, Goa Lawa or Lawa Cave, it has 30 m depth and can be achieved at low tide. According to the legend, this cave was the place south sea ruler’s daughter “Dewi Sri Wulan” and the imprisoned place of Kyai Mataram.

How To Get There :
Bus : From Surabaya, take Bus PATAS route Surabaya - Jember. Transfer with Mini Van.

PS : These are 'souvenirs' that you can bring home from Jember. Some Local Grown Durians and Prol Tape, a solid-custard like cake made from fermented cassava. 

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New Blog Contents

This year, I decide to add two new topic in to my blog; #TravelBucketList , #CookItYourself and #WeekendReadingList

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I will share some of my dream destinations, places I want to travel to in #TravelBucketList. This topic will be posted every Wednesday. I will tell you why I really want to visit them and make you want to go there too.

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In #CookItYourself I will sahre some easy and simple recipes that you can also try it yourself at your home. From comfort food to simple snacks and dessert, I will tell you how to make them - in my style. Feel free to make it in your own preferences.

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Mahavihara Majapahit - One of The Largest Reclining Buddha in The World

It is quite surprising - at least for me - that one of the largest reclining Buddha statue in the world is located in Indonesia. While Indonesia is a country with high percentage of Muslims.

No one thought that Indonesia has one of the biggest reclining Buddha statue in Asia. The statue is located at the Maha Vihara (a place for the Buddhist to pray) Majapahit, Mojokerto, East Java. This statue is said as the third largest after Thailand and Nepal. The length is 22 meters, 6 meters wide and 4.5 meters high!

The statue itself was built relatively new, compared to the other biggest reclining Buddha statue in the world. It is gold coloured and facing to the south, the greatness of Buddhism. The statue was not the only one attraction for the tourist in Maha Vihara Mojopahit. The tourist also can see the miniature of Borobudur temple in this area.

In addition on the back wall of the main building, there are several reliefs that tell about Buddha who is practicing Buddhist. You can also find statues of the characters in the story of Buddhism, such as the King of Monkey.

 It's a peaceful spot, shaded by huge trees, in a village away from the main road. The temple itself is similiar to Buddhist temples in Thailand, since it is made as a retreat for the monks. The temple has prayer halls that offer serenity, and the environment peaceful and lush just like what a Buddhist temple should be. Though the buildings on the grounds has nothing unique in particular, the sleeping buddha statue is a great draw for tourists alike, but don't expect it is as crowded or as touristy as Wat Pho in Thailand. 

How to get there :  You should hire a car from Surabaya or ride a bus from Terminal Purabaya (Bungurasih) in Surabaya and get down in Trowulan Area. Tell the Bus driver to drop you in 'Buddha Tidur Trowulan". 

Ticket : Free. But donation will be allowed.
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